KeymanWeb 2.0 : run on any device

KeymanWeb 2.0

Putting the World into WWW

  • Type Your Language in Your Browser

    KeymanWeb 2.0 adds keyboards for all your favourite languages to your browser.

    KeymanWeb Live

    Type in any language on every major platform, including Windows, Android or Apple computers, phones or tablets.

    Our FREE web apps make it easy to start typing now in your language. Learn more…

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  • Add Any Language to Your Site

    KeymanWeb 2.0 lets you offer anyone the ability to type in any language on your blog, site, web app, or intranet.

    KeymanWeb First Voices Integration

    With a subscription plan, visitors can type on your site now in 600+ languages. Plans start at FREE. Learn more…

    KeymanWeb Professional Edition integrates the power of KeymanWeb 2.0 into your Web project. Learn more…

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About KeymanWeb 2.0

  • Any Language

    Over 600 languages supported out of the box, many with multiple keyboards. Type Arabic, Amharic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Ge'ez, Greek, Tamil, Tibetan, and 100s more, in both standard and alternative layouts.

    Can't find yours? Add your language or keyboard to KeymanWeb 2.0 with Keyman Developer. Learn more…

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  • Every Platform

    Run KeymanWeb 2.0 on PC, phone, or tablet for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android in any major browser.

    The app and keyboards are optimised for type and touch, with native integration per platform so they look and feel as you expect. Learn more…

    KeymanWeb on Ipad
  • What's New

    We redesigned KeymanWeb 2.0 for multi-platform touch, type, and click support, with an all-new API, keyboard design, and user interface.

    A single line of code for all platforms means standard installation could not be easier. Even our professional edition requires just a few files. Learn more…

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