Multiple Platforms

For Windows…

Keyman Developer 8 enables you to craft Keyman keyboards from your current Windows OS for any current Windows OS:

  1. Run & Build in 64-bit

    We designed Keyman Developer 8 for the 64-bit revolution. It runs natively in 64-bit and 32-bit Windows operating systems. Plus it’s just as happy building Keyman Desktop keyboards for both.

    Run Keyman Developer in 64 or 32-bit

  2. Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Windows 7

    Keyman Developer 8 supports every version of Windows since XP. Run Keyman Developer in your Windows OS and build Keyman keyboards that work for your users on their systems.

…and the Web

Keyman Developer 8 includes the cutting edge KeymanWeb module. Start afresh or transform existing layouts into lightweight JavaScript keyboards to surf the net and integrate into your website:

  1. Universal Compatibility

  2. All Major Browsers

    Create KeymanWeb keyboards to use in any standards compliant browser, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

    Windows, Mac & Linux

    Develop KeymanWeb keyboards that work just as well on Mac and Linux as they do in Windows. Learn more…

    Develop KeymanWeb Keyboards that Run on Any Major Browser, in Windows, Mac and Linux

  3. Diverse Applications

  4. Bookmarklets

    Build KeymanWeb keyboards for bookmarklets that travel with users anywhere they surf the web. Learn more…


    Make KeymanWeb keyboards that instantly plug-in to Wordpress and Wikipedia. Learn more…

    Site Integration

    Design KeymanWeb keyboards for integration into any website and let your visitors type in their language. Learn more…

    Build KeymanWeb Keyboards for the Web or Your Site