On Every Platform

Use Your Device

KeymanWeb 2.0 supports every major platform. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

    • Optimised for PC, Phone, and Tablet

      We've improved KeymanWeb 2.0 not only for your PC, but also for your phone and tablet. It's been optimised for current generation phones and tablets, like iPad, iPhone, Surface, and Galaxy Tab. We've also built KeymanWeb 2.0 to adapt fluidly to less common devices.

    KeymanWeb 2.0 on different devices
    • On Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows

      Running an Apple, Google, Linux, or Microsoft system? KeymanWeb 2.0 plays well with all of them. Even the styling changes to fit in.

    KeymanWeb 2.0 on multiple operating systems
    • Type + Click Friendly, Touch Aware

      Version 2.0 of KeymanWeb makes all our Keyman keyboards touch aware. We're also introducing touch + hold menus, as you expect from your touch device. So use your keyboard, mouse or finger to type in your language on your device.

    Touch Hold Keys
Uniscribe is a part of Windows that enables the correct display of Asian and African languages. Keyman's Uniscribe Manager extends Uniscribe to improve support on Windows XP.
The Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) refers to the portion of the Unicode code space which contains the most common scripts in use. Older computers often had trouble displaying characters that were in the Supplementary Planes and not in the BMP. Keyman Desktop enhances the availability of the Supplmentary Planes.